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Help Slow The Spread Of COVID-19. Please Stay At Home.

How To Grow Marijuana Indoors [Guide For Beginners]

May 12, 2020

How To Grow Marijuana Indoors [Guide For Beginners]

Marijuana is a hardy plant that can grow in a wide range of climates, in greenhouses or indoors all year round. now and Legal cannabis is becoming the norm across the United States and in many other countries of the world.  So, you have come to the decision to grow your own cannabis. Cannabis growing is a skill developed over time. It is easy to learn but takes a happily stoned lifetime to master. Today we introduce How To Grow Marijuana Indoors [Guide For Beginners].

4 critical elements to thrive: 

Light - Water - Nutrients - Fresh Air

  • Light is essential for photosynthesis, the primary function undertaken by plants. Sunlight (or artificial light) provides the fuel for plants to grow, absorb nutrients, and most importantly, develop dank buds. The light spectrum and duration of exposure will need to be adjusted for both the vegetative and flowering stages. Cannabis growers often say 'more light = more bud'. 
  • Water is the lifeblood of nearly every organism on planet earth. To keep your plants in shape you need to know how, when and how much water to give them. The amount and frequency to give water depends on the genetics you use, your grow method, climate, and of course the size of your plant.
  • In addition to light and water, cannabis plants need a variety of nutrients. If you go to a grow shop and look for 'All-In-One' nutrient bottles you will probably immediately notice the next 3-letter combination: N-P-K. This represents the ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), the 3 elements of nutrition cannabis plants use in large quantities. Nutrients can be either organic or synthetic.
  • For outdoor growers fresh air is an easy thing to fix. However, when growing indoors, it's vital to take care of proper air circulation. Plants use carbon dioxide from the air to make food and sugars. The oxygen from the air is used for respiration (breaking down food to produce energy).

6 steps on How To Grow Marijuana Indoors


Sativa, indica, ruderalis, any number of hybrids, all available at a click. With your personal taste in mind now consider your growing circumstances. Are you growing in a small cupboard or a nice big backyard where plants like autoflowering strains or indicas will be the most effective use of your space? 


Although there are relatively inexpensive lamps available that will do the job, LED grow lights are much better for growing cannabis. LED GROW LIGHTS is going to be the most expensive part of the process. Modern LED grow lights can produce impressive results. These cannabis plants were grown completely under LED grow lights from seed to harvest!

Many modern LED grow lights are full spectrum or “wideband” spectrum (instead of only red and blue light diodes, which product a bluish purple light and are sometimes called “blurples”). Full spectrum light is easier on the eyes and adding at least some amount of green light to blurples typically results in healthier growth. Other spectrum colors like red, far red, and infrared are important for the budding/flowering stage. LED manufacturers have developed specialized lenses to point light directly to the plants and increase penetration, resulting in bigger yields for the same amount of light compared to older models. There are also many different form factors, with everything from the casing to the size of the diodes varying from model to model.


STRAIGHT INTO THE MEDIUM: Place seeds directly into your medium, this way you can avoid any transplant shock. More often it is easier to germinate in a small pot of your chosen medium then pot on to the garden or bigger pots.

PAPER TOWEL: Seeds are placed on moistened paper towel on a plate and placed in a warm dark place. Usually covered with plastic or an upturned plate to retain moisture and humidity. After a few days to a week, your seeds have sprouted.


INDOORS: Lights are set to an eighteen hour day, six hour night light regimen. This doesn't have to coordinate with the actual daylight hours, you can set it to times of day that suit you. Running electrical equipment during off-peak periods can save you a lot of money.

Your plants are happy in an organic soil or they are being fed nutrients designed for the vegetative phase. Lots of fan-forced breezes keep temperatures under control and strengthen your young plants. Exotic disciplines can be used like adding carbon dioxide to the environment. Low-stress training and scrogging can be used to increase the growth rate and flower potential of indoor cannabis.


Indoors you control when the flowering begins by changing the lighting schedule to a twelve hour day, twelve hour night photoperiod. Depending on species cannabis can bloom as a response to three possible traits.

Depending on species cannabis responds to hormonal changes that make it continue vegetating or begin blooming. There are typically two types APD and autoflowering.

APD or Absolute Photo Determinate plants rely on a hormone that is sensitive to light to keep vegetating. This hormone prevents flowering when it is active. It is rendered inactive in low light levels and as nights become longer. Twelve hours or more of night will induce flowering.


Now covered abundantly in trichomes, pistils are shrivelling back and changing colour. Deep orange, mauve, brown or scarlet may emerge depending on species. The swollen resin sacks begin to change colour in waves all over the plant. First, going from clear to milky then milky to amber. The flower clusters are so swollen they seem to have turned inside out.

These signs mean it is time to harvest the results of your hard work.

For higher THC content harvest when trichomes are 20-30% amber.
For a broader cannabinoid profile harvest when trichomes are 60-80% amber. Watch carefully as the differences here may only be twenty-four hours.

Growing your own cannabis indoors is not difficult. Keep these tips about How To Grow Marijuana Indoors in mind, start now!