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What Are The Benefits Of LED Grow Lights?

June 03, 2020

What are the benefits of LED grow lights?

Caring for those indoor plants has always been a challenge: even in well-lit rooms, many plants are not able to receive sufficient light to grow as fully as they would otherwise. LED Grow Lights with full spectrum are ideal for all kinds of Indoor Growing Plants veg and bloom at all growth stages. LED Grow Lights can also be used for large-scale cultivation of plants, crops, flowers, cannabis/marijuana and fruits.

LED Grow Lights with optimized PAR light spectrums to provide your grow room with the exact LED grow lighting that your plants need for tremendous growth while generating much less heat and providing a dramatic energy savings over traditional HPS grow lights.
What are the benefits of LED grow lights? 
  • LED grow lights operate with extreme efficiency for the amount of light they emit. Every system is different, but LEDs typically only use 10% of the energy of an incandescent bulb. While HID lights use 62.5 watts per square foot, LED lights draw only 32 watts per square foot!
  • No heat output from LED’s can be a blessing and a curse. Some growers use their grow lights as supplemental heating in the grow room, and since LED’s emit none, it would be wise to invest in a heater if your climate features a lower than ideal temperature. On the flip side, LED’s will save you costs on air conditioning! This also means lights can be placed closer to plants, a bonus for those growing in tight spaces.
  • Some LEDs are full-spectrum, which results in plants receiving UV and infrared rays, skyrocketing growth. Most LEDs, at the very least, offer the switch between red and blue spectrums for vegetation and flowering.
  • Whereas HID lights need to be changed after a year or two, LED lights can last up to 10 years! They may be more expensive, but they pay for themselves over their lifespan.
  • Some LED grow lights have an adjustable light direction feature, which allows growers more control over where light is emitted. Because of this, we recommend you test your indoor garden with a PAR meter. Another reason to switch to LED is because these lights do not require a ballast.

To get the most out of your LED lights, pair them with a grow light mover, ensuring plants receive light from different angles.